News from the Madhouse 8th of November

News from the Madhouse 8th of November

Robber gangs threaten our safety

I have earlier written that large areas of Sweden are de facto lawless lands due to the absence of police. The article above highlights it. The article describes how an old lady and her handicapped and wheelchair-bound husband are harassed by burglars while the police do nothing. It takes the police 1.5 hours to even get to the couples house.

Several times robbers have been walking on their property, acting threatening and even assaulting them and forcing the old lady to protect herself with a baseball bat. The most shocking instance is when the husband called the police while his wife was being assaulted and THE POLICE┬áDID NOT EVEN BOTHER SHOWING UP! So here we are, some of us paying up to 70% in taxes when everything is counted, and we do not even get police coverage for that. I would not be surprised that the cops would have taken a helicopter and been at their house in no time if the couple had a gun and used it for self-defense, that would be breaking gun laws and we can’t have such anarchy!

Jennifer had to give birth in a parking garage

Maternity wards in Sweden are lately running out of capacity, it is not as far as I know because there is a sudden excess of children being born, rather it is simply a lack of resources and staff. News like this is becoming very common lately, a young expecting mother was at the last moment denied a place at the maternity ward in the hospital she was supposed to give birth in. As a result, she was rushed to another hospital but it was too late and she had to give birth in the hospitals parking garage.

Situations like this are especially sensitive in the countryside because most local maternity wards have been closed. If you need to give birth and the maternity ward closest to you is full then you might be looking at a 120 + miles travel to the closest one. Women have been giving births in cars due to this situation.

This is just an example of how the healthcare system is decaying, the problem is that people, in general, don’t notice anything until they need it and if they don’t need it they believe everything is fine and dandy. I would not want to be elderly, chronically sick or just in need of a routine surgery in this country.

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